I thank God !!

I thank God !!

I thank God !!


This New Year again I thank God!




The moment I was born, I had Cried!

Now I know otherwise,   I would have Died !!


The burden of Ambition, Competition & Comparison, which I had always carried!

But now I know that I was complete in fact when I had just arrived!!


I thank God … because…

I could see, smell, taste & hear right from the beginning !


As now I know that, in many on this Earth, capabilities such as these are still missing!!


I thank God … because…


Till now, everything I did, my happiness was subject to my winning!


But I know now that, Happiness is just to love & be Loving  !!


I thank God… because…


When as a child, I fell down again & again, before I learnt to Walk!


As I know now that,

Although parents were holding my hand, But it was I who myself Taught!!


I thank God … because…


Things beyond my reach, I could never get, it was what I was taught!


But now I know that, as a child, I often took a risk & always managed to get things beyond my Cot!!


I thank God… because…


When I couldn’t keep my parents happy, even when I worked Overtime!


As now I know that they were in cloud nine,

For the poems which I could barely Rhyme!!


I thank God… because…


Although the Sun, Wind & Stars are the same!


But now I know that,

Life & Living happily is altogether a different Game!!


I thank God … because…


My heart is beating continuously without my awareness!


And nobody can blame me now,

That I am careless!!



Shreyansh Dixit
Shreyansh Dixit

Mr. Shreyansh Dixit , an altruistic man in his early 50s, identifies himself first as a motivational speaker and then the Chief Manager at Indian Oil Corporation. Not only does he ardently follow various ideas of eminent thinkers but also perseveres to interpret and question them at an individualistic level. Having completed several full and half Marathons, Shreyansh pursues to go beyond the general exegesis of life to find what appeals to him, and humanity at large, the most.


Aparna Posted on12:48 pm - Jan 9, 2018

a lovely poem about inner conflict and God.

Sandeep Posted on3:06 pm - Jan 10, 2018

Bahut sundar abhivyakti!

Sulekha Posted on6:41 pm - Jan 16, 2018

Your words are like modern art. A great Comparison between childhood and adult life full of competition and status consciousness. The awareness expressed is commendable. Keep up the great work Shreyansh!

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