Mental Health-11 .Mind Over Matter.

Mental Health-11 .Mind Over Matter.

Mental Health-11 .Mind Over Matter.

they say- ‘If You Dont Mind,it Doesnt Matter !!!

Fact remains – We Do Mind and it Does Matter !!!

So we were discussing our Inner World in the 1st part of Mental Health.

Our Inner World is what we are basically made up of.It reflects our personalities and we in turn try to visualize our lives according to what we imagine in this inner world.

More often than not things do not pan out according to this IW of ours
,as life as its own moods and swings.This often is in direct contrast to our mood and swings.Thus leading to dis harmony within and adding to our stress levels.

Stress levels in turn add to the status of our health which is directly dependant on our MENtal Health.

A person’s MH leads to all (most of the) the diseases that we garner on our physical health and this becomes our undoing leading to us trying to now get rid of those physical diseases and yearning to get our Health back.

phrases like

HEALTH IS THE GREATEST WEALTH hit home and one tries one’ utmost best to now recapture what we naturally had as a gift from nature.

So my take on this is and the reason behind this blog chapter is that we people should take utmost care of our Mental healht.If all is well in our Inner World then our outer world will naturally be enriched.

Things to keep in mind;while trying to keep mental Health in good shape.

1.)Keep your Stress levels Low.
Easier said than done.Well try NOT to focus on things that cause you pain.

2.)Start by FOCUSSING on things that give you JOY.

3.)Be optimistic and things will change for the BETTER.

4.)More often than not the very things that cause us Stress may cease to do so once we change out outlook on the subject.

5.)When we are HAPPY a certain Happy Hormone is released from our system which helps in us FEELING happy.

6.)Don’t swim in the problem.If there is a problem then there is definitely an answer to it.

7.)Many diseases like Cancer could be brought on to self by fuming fretting.
likewise many cancers have been eradicated by the POWER of our minds.

8.)Your MIND is the most powerful tool you have.Use it to your benefit.

9.)If your Mental Health is in good condition then you will automatically FEEL good and hence LOOK good.

10.)We all owe it to ourselves to see to it that we live in a mentally peaceful and hence happy WORLD as there is one RELATION we have that we ignore -the most important one-that with ourselves.

More on Relation with SELF in next.

Gehna Mehra
Gehna Mehra

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Aparna Posted on10:46 am - Jan 16, 2018

A great insight into mental health.

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