Mental Health.

Mental Health.

Mental Health.


Instead of a sign that says DO NOT DISTURB ,I need one that says ALREADY DISTURBED….proceed with caution!

Love this one.

This is a humorous take at something which actually needs a serious approach.

But what the hell!..Life itself is a joke so why not laugh about it?!!!

Coming to the topic on hand….

So what exactly is MENtal health?

Well Well….our So called Physical health is directly proportional to our MEN tal health.

Lets take a closer look at it.

Are there any signs of a physical change in your appearance for the good or the bad?In any which case check your mind status.

If you notice a sudden drop or gain in your weight, formation of dark circles and puffiness around your eyes and bloating in your belly region…lack of proper sleep and restlessness….then blame it on your inner turmoil.

If on the other hand you notice that you are feeling on top of the world,looking good,your skin is glowing ,your hair is lustrous and shinning ….again its your inner world that derserves the pat.

So what is this inner world ?

to be continued…

Gehna Mehra
Gehna Mehra

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