Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.–Ziggy Marley

By Arvind Kumar
As Indian socio-economic sphere is changing rapidly, “stress” is affecting large section of working force. Due to economic growth and high aspirations, you are bound to live away from your parents and family. Thus you cut yourself from the most basic and important bounding relations in the time of need. Growth is important but at what cost?

Deng Xioping’s famous maxim is ‘development is the only hard truth and does not matter if cat is black or white, so long it catches mice.’ Modern time fact is, if you have problem, you probably need more stuff, and in order to have more stuff and you produce more. .

More clearly, modern economists propound that when we produce more, we can consume more, raise our standard of living and therefore enjoy a happy life.It is happy life? At workplace, people face more stress with different dimensions.

We have burning desire to get more, make more money. But on the other hand we lose more in our own life in the form of breakdown in relationship, stress in daily life. A life that is dependent on medicines. This is the obvious reason why medical cost of each family is adding up. A recent report says 46% Indian suffers from some form of stress. It might be related to your personality or due to frequent conflict at work place or it might be health problem etc.
Some tips to relive stress at workplace- change your personality/behaving, land in land of peace/happiness. Misunderstanding and gap in communication is one of the most common sources of conflict. Conflict causes unbearable stress. If it is not properly addressed, I may cause severe emotional and physical problem. Thus affecting long term medication and affecting whole family.

Here are some useful ways to minimise stress and make you more positive and productive-
The way you address your complaint; never start with negativity and be specific. ‘I have never been said to speak of the problem’, rather say, I had been given chance to speak of…” .  .

Depersonalise conflict; in conflict, use ‘we’ instead of ‘you.’ ‘We’ is a shared concept and never point out fault in a person directly. But it gives ample chance to improve the result. Whereas‘You’ concept is just like gun pointed at the head and one is the real culprit and one doesn’t have chance to improve.
Don’t involve yourself; Resist yourself in involving in conflicts directly. Even if someone is wrong, give them chance to resolve the conflict themselves..
Don’t involve superior always; thus you lessen your position and message your team that you are unable to resolve even small problem.

Limit your complaint; Character assassination is quite bad. Try not to involve person outside of conflict circle. Thus working relationship will be smooth and helping.

Take action; If conflict arises out of ethical, racial, sexual, take appropriate action against the person/persons involved.

Hire professional counsellor; if problem gets out of control or if the issue is too emotional to resolve in a mutual discussion, counsellor can be helpful. Supervisor or any a neutral third party mediator within or out of company, can be helping.
Listening: In a conflict discussion, keep yourself in listening. Before explaining your own position, sayinto few sentences.  “So you’re saying that…”. This will help you to understand rival’s position. Thus you may find on same wavelength at which you may communicate your ideas.
Some personality check/change;
All work will be treated as equally important. Perform your work with utmost devotion, dedication and sincerity. Learn to sow seeds of success and happiness. Inspire that we have the right to work. Work for self-actualization / satisfaction. Work for the betterment of self and others.

Inspire others and generate the feeling of being Honest and Trustworthy. Treat all people with respect. Being impartial.
Loyalty;. Be willing to shoulder the responsibilities. Giving respect to Seniors/ Superiors and cooperate with Peers.  Be empathetic. Explain every ‘No’. Self-disciplined.  Fulfill promises. Adhering to rules and procedures. Develop positive attitude. Transparency in all dealings.  Self-awareness.

Last but not the least – Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answers.–William S. Burroughs

-Writer is News Editor in Dainik Bhaskar and is Soft skill trainer.



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Dr.Priya Janardhana Posted on2:58 am - Jan 11, 2018

Well written.Apt for the current day world!

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