Nature’ teaching: Be like an eagle, soar high in the sky….

Nature’ teaching: Be like an eagle, soar high in the sky….

Nature’ teaching: Be like an eagle, soar high in the sky….

By Arbind Kumar

Mental power is the strongest of all. We receives stimulus from Nature. Nature is the biggest creator. Process of experiment by Nature started billion years ago and according to the knowledge of science, this was Homo Neanderthalensis and lately Homo sapiens, who developed enough to create and experiment and thereby innumerable changes taken place. We are in technology era. Invention of technologies, especially in the field of communication has changed every walk of life. Technology helps in making our work smooth, it has minimized time and distance, makes relationship stronger etc. but for mental power; it is pertinent to see around. Yes, I am talking about eagle; she has immense qualities to look in.  This bird possesses bizarre qualities. However it is becoming extinct due rapid urbanization and many other causes. It gives us many life managing and eye opener messages. 

* * * * *

Eagle story and learning                     

Eagle touches the sky or say, flies as high as no one can be above her. This is mostly large bird and is most dominant predator in the sky. The wings of eagle happen to be double the size of its body. The last part of wing is covered with feather that help move up and down more easily than other birds.

Learning: Don’t be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot talks too much but can’t fly high but an eagle is silent and has the will power to touch the sky….

* * * * *

Accurate vision: Eagle is known for its incredible power of eyesight. She can focus on something as far as 5kilometer away, no matter the obstacles, she does not move their focus from the pray until it captures. For example, they can see a mouse on the ground even flying high in the sky. It feeds on small birds and bats in the air and small and fish etc. on the ground.

Learning: Always work with vision and remain focused irrespective of obstacles till you succeed.

* * * * *

Eagle decides its own way and does not fly with sparrows, crows, parrot and other small birds. It flies in the sky either alone or with own companion.

The message; Stay away from narrow minded people, at least those that bring you down. It has been said that success only shows when determination does….but must be powered by non-negotiable decisions.

* * * * *

Eagle does not eat dead things, always takes fresh food. It keeps constant vigil from as high as five kilometre high in the sky. It concentrates at the food at land and water and therefore quickly flies down to catch up and again gets to nest made at high place.

Mind, don’t rely on your past success. Keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past.

Message: Accept new challenges coming ahead. Challenge keeps you energetic. Opportunity/change means new area of career move. Past is important because it gives many lessons and guides us in formulating strategy in at present. In three time cycle; present is the most important. It decides the future course.

* * * * *

Eagle love the storm; when clouds gather, eagles get excited and uses the storm wind to lift it higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the birds hide in the nest.

Message: Face your challenges knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. Achiever are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably. Challenge means process of making of stronger physically and mentally. If you are psychologically strong more you have chances of becoming successful.

* * * * *

Female eagle tests commitment; She flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male eagle. Once she reaches the height enough, she drops the twig and let it fall to the ground. The male eagle chases after the twig and catches it before reaching the ground and brings it back to female eagle. Again female eagle grabs it and flies to higher altitude. The repeated action shows that the male eagle mastered the art which shows the commitment.

Message: life needs to have committed partner. Above example shows you should test commitment, before starting partnership. In any start-up committed partner is essential. This is prerequisite for success. Story shows male eagle attempt to grab twig despite chances of becoming fail is big.

* * * * *

Training preparation; eagle removes the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and finally flies when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

Message: leave your comfort zone, there is no growth. If you want to achieve your goal, it is necessary to make sure you must not bow down until you get it.

When eagle becomes older; feather becomes weak and can’t take his as fast and as high as it should be. So they can’t catch the prey. Now, eagle retires to a place far away in the mountain and plugs out weak fathers and beaks and claws-a bloody and painful process. Eagle stays there until it grows new feathers, new beaks and claws, and then flies higher than before.

Message: We occasionally need to shed away old habits no matter how difficult. Things that burden us and add no value to our life must let go. Assessment is necessary at different point of time to correct habits and move forward. In many corporate there is appraisal system. This assesses human capital whether this is productive or not.

Learning: Maximum output, Keep good company, stay away from narrow minded people. Clear cut vision. Determination, face challenges to emerge stronger, leave your comfort zone, Test commitment.

Writer is Journalist and soft skill trainer (E-mail:, Mobile #: 91-942475397)

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