Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

By Arbind Kumar

Khushboo is a housewife, and her marvelous journey of parenting and shaping personalities of her children is unique. She faced difficulties in dealing with growing children, sometimes wept, and prayed to God to have adaptive technique, to deal with small kids. She says, ‘Yes, parenting is a technique’.

Touch, feel and let them grow. You can experiment with positivism in mind.

Khushboo was upset that her two girl childs were very disturbing. When consulted doctors and psychologist, who said, ‘Over the time all would be right. Everything will depend on your parenting; lack of experience in handling and caring baby, your own way of thinking and doing will pay the most. Be careful’.

Khushboo remembers the days of five years ago. Children wept without any cause and were never willing to go to anybody. She became physically and mentally tired and was finding any way out. She never imagined parenting was so tough. Khushboo said, ‘I heard parenting is tough, a laborious task. Finally I understood that parenting was tough, but not an impossible task. Getting children in good habits depends on the way how you handle them. Toys, TVs and mobile could not get the child always in constructive habits, there are inherent dangers’.

How to begin

Khushboo continued, ‘Initially I was highly bothered for a number of irritating activities, later they developed interest in things around. Once they crept inside the reading table, picked up book having colored pictures and got to me. I understood they wished to see inside. I appreciated and sat down beside them and talked about pictures and also added some interesting stories. Seeing picture and listening stories of animal, forest, land, water etc. were the matter of immense interest for them. Thus, they developed amicable and comfortable relationship with books. The journey of making books sole mate was interesting’.

A step further

Khushboo added, “As they grew, I changed my strategy. I started keeping knowledge books in between cartoons and colored books. For example, I kept books of basic objects, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. on the rack. I watched, children were developing interest in those books also. Whenever I was there I behaved just like them. I never showed that I was older. Thus they felt me alike and shared much. I forbade myself from interfering in their activities. I bought vegetables that were in their books. They were happy and astonished to see the same vegetables in the kitchen. I felt, they started making their own world.”

Friendship with books

Khushboo explained, “I get them involved in more encouraging activities. This was the time to induce them in creative and imaginative works. I got them different piece of papers and color pencils along with creative books. When I loudly said study time, they used to get to study table with copy-books and color pencils and made lines of their own choices and also tried to copy the pictures and images from their books. Thus they used to sit down on study table for about 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile, I neither tried to interfere or instruct to do this or that, nor escaped from sharing moments with them. I wanted they feel I was with them. There was a creative change in my children”.

Creative change

Khushboo exclaimed with joy and said, “I was happy to see creative change in my children. These techniques shaped personalities of children. We can change their mind, and also check negative behavior by applying similar techniques. They name their books as small book, big book, fat book, lion’s book, bird’s book, vegetable’s book, kite book.”

Making words

“I heard them using new word and sometimes using pair words and they tried to speak as I was. Books helped them a lot. I saw them making conservation with pictures in books. Thus they learned how to pronounce words and how to make sentences.” Khushboo added.

Finally Khushboo revealed, ‘My mother speaks to me, I don’t want my children should be genius and error free person at this small age, rather I wish to see them making friendship with books.  As eating delicious items, playing, travelling etc. are part of daily life, book will also do the same. They will not have to make effort in making books their own friend. Automatically career will take a very good kick start.’

Writer is Journalist and soft skill trainer

(Name in story is fictitious, only used to keep story line in first person).

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Sulekha Posted on3:30 pm - Jan 30, 2018

Very simplified and coherent way of putting across parenting techniques! Nice read Arbind!

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