Canvas Calling

Canvas Calling

Canvas Calling

Everyone heard about this blank canvas thing right? Well, most of you would have. If not, then don’t bother much for you must be figuring it out  at times what is in there for me to build upon.

There is this child like innocence in each one of us to juggle our thoughts and just be. Be free flowing, be alive, be happy all times and get crazy and feel the warmth of sun, dance in the rain and be like the wind which is fresh and comforting. And well, most of the times, we succumb to something we feel is bigger than all of these. We get so much lost in for more and more that we forget the very essence of why did we even start creating that kind of life for ourselves. I laugh with a wit for I see myself in all forms of madness. Liking and doing ; or doing and liking, is something that keeps all of us stranded in any situation.

A canvas is right in front of me. I am holding the pen and craving for my wits to settle down and give me the freedom to paint something that I haven’t before. Yet, I just stop and catch the glimpse of me falling into a trap of putting the best piece forward for some sacred appreciation and an acknowledgment that would really give me bubbles of high for a short span in time. And when I will look at  my own piece of canvas , I will feel astounded on having something discovered that I wouldn’t have ever  before. In this haziness of getting a secret admiration from a world that itself is in dying need of something, I rather fail to put something that is unique. Something that isn’t “Aww” for a moment but for a lifetime. In my quest for this masterpiece, I rather am in a turbulence of thoughts, moods, actions, reactions , opinions , judgement and verdicts of having been and not been something or the other. You know you come across these inherent hindrances, the ones that you aren’t able to look forth and its just right there, that is the point where you actually wanting to go out of, surpass anything to reach there. Digging out gold is easy; what is not is the weary ways of reaching that. Its pretty obvious that like me, all of you have that blank canvas right infront of you calling you to put your best art forward and then the ways, the fears of getting it right is coming your way.

While trying to become something, let’s not forget that we already are something. We all are , yes !! All are unique in their ways, their beliefs and in their life. Becoming extraordinary is we all strive for ; lets not forget we are not just born to survive rather thrive.

You are out there for something bigger than YOU,

You are there to make a history, aren’t YOU?

What if, the times aren’t in your stride

You will be alright

The canvas that you see infront of you

Is blank without your effortless style

I am sure you will grab it

Once you know you can feel it

Go get it now

For you will later regret it.

Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.

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Aparna Posted on11:16 am - Feb 3, 2018

Our life is a canvas too and we are the artists, ready to paint the canvas!!
Lovely write up Summi.

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