3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption

3 words of Corruption


Corruption is a menace in every country in big or small way and getting rid of corruption is a
priority for every country. Corruption has spread from the top people right to the bottom
people i.e. the Rich and the Poor is stuck in the corruption machinery in one way or another.

Have you ever heard a Bengali pronounce the word Corruption?

It would sound like Coreupson. So the 3 words that we would look at is CORE, UP and SON.

In most cases corruption is to gather more money or indirect favors mostly for fulfilling the wishes
of others which can be immediate family members, relatives or known people whom we are maybe
attached with or need to maintain an image.

Let’s look at a Short Story and move forward.

The Dacoit’s Awakening

There was a dacoit who used to loot people passing by the jungle by threatening to kill them and
take all the valuables, sell them and raise his family.

Once a saint was passing by the jungle and the dacoit caught him. He asked the saint to give all he had.
The saint said that he didn’t have anything and quickly told him if he could ask dacoit a question.

The saint asked him, why do you loot people? Aren’t you scared of the bad karma?

He said that he did that for his family whom he loved. So the saint asked the dacoit to take him to his
family as he would like to ask them a few questions.

The saint asked the wife, if your husband gets punished, will you take half the punishment? The wife
said NO why should I? I don’t want the looted money.

Then the saint asked the son, if your father gets punished, will you take half the punishment? The son
also retaliated and said that I can earn. I don’t need such money.

The dacoit was shocked at what he heard and decided to give up looting and work hard to earn money.

Moral: We keep doing things for others but our karma has to be faced by us only.

This happens in real life all the time as we have become slaves to relationships, things and everything
material without looking at our karma.

Now let’s look at the 3 words of corruption i.e. CORE, UP and SON.


Core means something which is innate. You must have heard core values. The core value of each one
of us should be satisfaction but somehow we have a big wish list which never seems to get complete
and it forces us to be corrupt and keep collecting more and more.

There is nothing that we will take along with us. In fact the more we have, the more energy of our mind
will get pulled in the direction of safeguarding the more.

Satisfaction comes when we have gratitude for what we have and gratitude gets developed if we are
connected to spirituality in some way or the other. Spirituality enables us to talk to ourselves what is
right and what is wrong. This drives us to do the right karma.


 We know that when we die, we all go UP and face GOD. He has a balance sheet of our good and bad
karma and not the balance sheet of what we acquired. If the bad karma is on the heavier side then
though people on the earth say “Left for Heavenly Abode”, we are actually headed back to hell as its
now time to repay back what we collected by doing bad karma.


We are the son of the Country and the son of God. As a son of the Country and God, both take good
care of us by guiding us from time to time. The country has laws to punish as well as protect us and
GOD is the ocean of forgiveness always but if we continue to break the law then even the father can’t
protect us from misery and pain which can strike us anytime.

Way Forward

Now if we can just remember these 3 words that are associated with Corruption and work towards
managing our urge to pursue corruption then we can soon be corruption free. A corruption free
individual will lead to a corruption free nation and all the corruption free nations will lead to a
corruption free world.

We owe to our future generations a Corruption Free World.

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Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on11:39 am - Feb 19, 2018

your analogies and simplified style of writing is easy on the eye to read and mind to decipher.

    Rohit Gehani Posted on11:50 am - Feb 19, 2018

    Thank you for your motivation

SAMINA Barodawala Posted on7:41 am - Mar 29, 2018

It’s so important to understand that if we want to stop corruption , then it starts with each one practising it sincerely n then only it will become a collective approach to stopt the menace . So each one of us should start the process and slowly n steadily we will reach our Goal.

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