Can We Wipe Out Corruption & Bribery From our Country?

Can We Wipe Out Corruption & Bribery From our Country?

Can We Wipe Out Corruption & Bribery From our Country?

By Neha Ankit Kadakia

Corruption and bribery are trees whose branches are of an immeasurable length and spread everywhere, infecting every roots of our system. Honesty stands at the gate and knocks, and bribery enters in… is the state today we live in.

India is rated as one of the most corrupt country in the world. We are ranked at 76th position in the list of 168 countries in the list of transparency international report 2015.

When we look at the most transparent and honest countries like Denmark, Luxemburg, New Zealand etc, we come to know that the honest countries are the most prosperous in the world. The list of most dishonest countries include North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela etc, and these dishonest countries happen to be poorest in the world. Inter relevance is quite conspicuous.

Corruption starts the moment we skip certain sense of integrity. There are certain things we do not do, not just because of our ethics or morals, but because of essential sense of responsibility.

How many of us stop at red light in traffic, if there is no police man? Person doing it is considered to be a fool, isn’t it? Moment we start social acumen, corruption and bribery can be easily cured.

When we talk about corruption, we always talk in precepts of politics and government, which is partially true. But  we miss the most important link that is, “we” the people, are the biggest contributors, knowingly or unknowingly! The question of corruption is not just related to political circle but its spread across the board.”

We all manipulate with our responsibilities at micro level, but it’s not evident as it doesn’t affect on large scale, while for the political circle it’s very glaring as it affects everybody’s life. It’s just with power, everything finds expression.

There is a serious amount of work to be done in our country.

Firstly, to fix up right attitude within ourselves with a weapon called “Patience”. We are in an era, where we want everything quickly, so towards hindrances on our way, without retaliatiating we pay more (terming it as ‘chai pani’), and get the work done.

Demand and supply gap needs to be reduced, to stop corruption. Good salaries are required to be paid to officials. By paying peanuts you get monkeys, but by paying good salaries we should be at par, with development.

Development is the key

Our rules and regulations are so complicated,  that everyone tends to breach knowingly unknowingly, at every stage.

Things fall into place the moment proper guidelines are laid down, where one doesn’t seek permission for every task. Simplified guidelines in simple words, “Intimation rather than permission”, can solve our problem.

French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, “Man is born free…but is everywhere in chains”.

One’s act, not letting other person to perform his duties loyally, should not be treated leniently. Strict punishment on breaking law.

Saddest part is, legal system takes so much of time in punishing the culprit, which gives them room and time to tamper truth, if evaded it will be a win – win situation.

There has to be accountability of work within time frame. Strong punishment for officials who fail to deliver work on time. Those “Tariq pe Tariq funda”, and punishment for harassing citizen, should really be taken care of and with expedite disciplinary action like termination of officials caught red handed in bribery, instead letting them work with delayed action is the need of the hour.

Performance linked pays, rewards for extraordinary performance, award and honor for sincere officials, etc will be the best expressions to overcome our bottleneck.

A very important approach, moment we stop accepting Corruption and Bribery as part of our system, it will lead to revolution. Offering bribe is as taboo as accepting one.

Pro active action against corrupt can be a strong message, for not following rules and regulations.

Saddest dilemma of our country is ”Rape victim is not accepted by society, and on the other hand Bollywood stars breaking all laws are still worshiped”.

The day we start drawing strict lines on equal treatment to all citizen, (no VIP’s, no political tags) is the day we excel.

Corruption and bribery will mellow down… the moment “I“ decide not to be the part at micro level, and collectively “We“ at macro level. It’s because what you allow shall always continue so, putting end to threat to justice as, “Threat to justice anywhere, is injustice everywhere!”

Would  conclude with my poem:

No more war!

No more bombs!

To save the country from destruction cost

No more strike!

No more bribes!

For it hampers progress of our country to a great height

Let honesty be your weapon

And progress of our country in your consideration

Let’s wipe out corruption, from every heart from every part

Clearing the stigma

Into honoring pride

We are from country, where honesty was, and always be…

The best policy!!




B S Ranganath Posted on2:35 am - Feb 16, 2018

Corruption is the worst phase of a human attitude on earth.

Author’s anguish towards that is well reflected in this article.

Ak Posted on6:14 am - Feb 20, 2018

This is an apt in today’s time , sadly we live in…

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