Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?
By Shrubsray
Our country had a glorious past, with abundant richness and wealth, to boast of. Traders, merchants and businessmen paid a visit to this culturally developed land, in search of merchandise.
Well, even the British invaded the country with a purpose to build an empire, as there was huge potential. They eventually succeeded and continued to rule India for many years. Incredible India is not a fantasy.. it is a reality where people of different caste, creed and religion dwell in unison.
What makes India lucrative? Besides the agricultural belt that promotes growth, our country accommodates feelings of love, warmth and prosperity. Returning favours and gifting in kind has been our practice for many centuries now. Tales of Kings and Maharajahs exchanging gifts adorn the pages of History books.
Earlier gifts in kind were common. Relatives and acquaintances paying a visit would carry bags of grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits grown in farms belonging to them .
There was nothing wrong in accepting such gifts in kind. As the society developed largely, the concepts underwent a radical change. Although people paid for services, they even tipped a waiter at a hotel or a clerk in the office. Nothing was wrong with it.
When businesses and money flourished, there was this growing need to bribe a person, in order to please him or receive some urgent service.
This somehow led to the trend of giving that extra amount to a particular individual or a service company. The market grew so big, that companies and business houses or government agencies had immense issues to compete for. Thus succumbing to the idea of bribing!
A file is blocked… get hold of an officer and pay him some thousands, immediately results will be witnessed. The same is applicable at the time of admission to select schools, colleges and universities. In order to admit their child in a prestigious college, parents go overboard not realizing the ill effects of raising  children in the wrong way.
Children learn that everything can be gained through money, which can easily destroy their idea of rightness. Even in a marriage, dowry is given to the groom’s family in order to keep the daughter happy.  It is a vicious circle, and with time it has spread like cancer.
Bribery is a trade. You bribe, you receive. Personal and commercial interests get laid, when one practices the art of bribing. It has become a ritual now. Even places of worship are not exempted. Thanks to our laws and lawmakers, who turn a blind eye to such vice rampantly building nests, of improper transactions and deals.
Our society is more open with flooding population, and limited opportunities. Competition and the need to sustain is overwhelming. It is expected of you to join the big league, and to be ahead in the race, in your job, social status, education and other matters relating to your development. Your identity is unfortunately the artificial spectrum around you, even if it brings disappointment and discontent. Under such tremendous pressure, both social and professional, one succumbs unfairly. The sense of morality crumbles with a thump.
Then what do we do? Do we sit with crossed hands when the other makes use of power, to avail the opportunities? As a parent do we have our child’s progress in mind, when we do our utmost to get through the best school or college? A very discounted percentage in our society would certainly introspect on this, but not all. For the majority, it would be advancing and making that deal.
The question is… are we happy to be included in such a system? I am sure, many of us will nod our heads, and defend that there is no other alternative. As a commoner, we should evaluate the consequences of such a deal. As parents, it is our moral responsibility to guide our children in the path of truth, and righteousness. We cannot hand over the medium of well being, to others to dictate. We are accountable for our decisions and not others. If we follow what we believe in, then there is no stopping the brave hearts.
I am extremely optimistic and hopeful that society will take an u-turn on the path to self recovery, and cleanliness from the dirt and dust, gathered over the years. Initiatives and start ups are not only essential for professional advancements but also in self realization.
We cannot sustain solely on scientific, engineering and technological progressions. The conscience has to experience detoxification and the mind has to allow feel good electrons. Based on such morale can we ever step backwards? No, never. Aren’t we already feeling the good vibes?
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B S Ranganath Posted on12:45 am - Feb 15, 2018

I appreciate the author’s observation of the toxic subject right from its origin, and recording it point to point in her narration, till the vicious circle created by it is totally explained.

Shanon Spanner Posted on11:28 am - Jul 8, 2018

With thanks! Valuable information!

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