Erasing the past & generating a better future

Erasing the past & generating a better future

Erasing the past & generating a better future

Travel through Time

We need to forget our past which is generally of little significance except some lessons to be learned. Forgetting the past seems a rather arduous task to accomplish as it keeps projecting itself in the form of thoughts and feelings which are not very positive. Creating a bright future is the only motive in our lives for which we all work so hard throughout our life but still fall short of achieving the same. Few of us may treat the future as a basic component of destiny and hence try not to apply any extra efforts to improve that.  Is there any practical solution which can make us forget the past and build a good future with relative ease?

The Magic of Forgiveness:

Forgiveness deals with past issues very effectively, but practicing forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do for most humans.Past memories primarily consist of all bad events which created intense grief and anger. These emotions were generated as many life situations actually went against you or you perceived it so. Such life situations mostly would involve one or more living beings connected with you in some way.

Grief and anger keep striking you each time this memory is recalled or you move into the past. Forgiveness is not for forgetting this past event or validating the past event. It has to be practiced just to erase the very powerful ill effects which keep springing back in your present riding over thoughts of the past. Forgiveness is not to make someone or some characters involved in a past event happy or pacify them. It is simply for you and your self-growth.

Forgiveness only works for you, not for anyone else. You need to get unburdened of the ill effects of past memory which create a lot of negative energy in you.Once this process of forgiving begins, slowly layers of past start getting erased. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily require the person whom you are forgiving. If the person is present to receive your forgiveness, the magical effect of forgiving can be felt on his being also which in turn can make the process of forgiving further effective.


Gratitude and Positive Psychology:

Gratitude is nothing but thanksgiving or expressing your appreciation for what you received in your extremely precious life. It can be for a favor received in the form of some object or some help. Gratitude can also be expressed for nothing received in particular. ‘No damage caused’ is definitely a positive moment in your life. Gratitude can be expressed any number of times in a day for anything which has even a little positive significance in your life.

Gratitude can bring your attention to good things or things which you appreciate rather than the things which hurt or which you lack. This phenomenon of shifting attention from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’ injects enormous positive power in you as per the simple universal principle of ‘Like Attracts Like’. It can fill your present moments with love, satisfaction, peace, and bliss. The balanced present can lead to balanced actions and favorable life situations which can eventually lead to a balanced and bright future. Never wait for positive events to take place so that you can thank, treat all ‘ non-negative’ events as a series of miracles and start thanking for each miracle, in no time positive events will fill your life completely..
Forgiveness unburdens you of past baggage to create a healthy present. Injecting Gratitude in present life creates a glorious future. These two are primary tools available to humans for integrating spirituality into daily life.

In service of the Divine with faith!


Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah is an engineer and a businessman from Mulund, Mumbai who conducts various workshops all of which are not-for-profit in which participants can understand ‘spirituality’ in its simplest form and eventually experience its enormous power by applying spiritual practices in different areas of their lives. Knowledge gained from these workshops may transform one’s life to create a better world around oneself.


Aparna Posted on3:58 am - Feb 26, 2018

We weave the magic of gratitude and forgiveness in our lives , it would bre magical.

Shreyansh Posted on5:03 am - Feb 26, 2018

Excellent insight !!

Bad past is difficult to forget ,the Hobson’s choice is to look for good things happening now because of bad past.If one analyses deep within,one can find a lot !

Kavitha Posted on5:06 am - Feb 26, 2018

Kavitha Posted on5:09 am - Feb 26, 2018

An article worth following. Its not so easy to leave the past baggage. But forgiving is gonna help me live my each day.

Rqjgopalan Posted on6:12 am - Feb 27, 2018

Excellent narrative

Meenakshi Raina
Meenakshi Raina Posted on6:18 am - Feb 27, 2018

Forgiving actually helps to erase all the past bad memories from our mind. When we start forgiving, we start attracting positivism. Once our mind fills with positivism, Compassion, Love and Gratitude becomes natural. All these qualities put together makes us a Spiritual being.

Beautiful write up…

Pratibha Posted on11:55 am - Feb 27, 2018

Lovely write up.
I agree – Forgiveness unburdens you of past baggage to create a healthy present.
Thank you for the insights.

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