Never give up the diamond of your life

Never give up the diamond of your life

Never give up the diamond of your life
Ajay Kumar
Just a thought came to my mind. How often we miss to see the big picture in life, though we often keep on telling others the story of monkey. But when it comes to action most of us behave like monkey in life especially, we professional people, CAs, Advocates, Architects etc.
The monkey story is,  a jeweler offers a beautiful piece of diamond and an orange. Monkey picks up the orange and feels trumped.
Aren’t we the same in life ? Let’s say someone enters your life or comes in contact with you with two offers, we pick up that ensuring immediate gain and move ahead without being bothered about the diamond.
Let’s say a politician who has a dream in his eyes and approaches an advocate, or for that matter a budding businessman approaches a CA. What these professionals will do? They feel very excited, take their professional fee, form a political party or the company, and move ahead in life with triumphed feeling of a good earning.
Isn’t it behaving like monkey and missing the diamond? I am sure some professionals at some point of time must have formed Microsoft or Google, or the political party of Arvind Kejriwal, who wrote a new political chapter in Indian politics. So next time, when an offer comes to you don’t forget to stop and ponder, are you taking diamond or orange?
Stop behaving like a monkey and be a diamond jeweler of at least your own life.
A Journalist or a writer will be in midst of a big happening of history, but will remain limited to writing or reporting about it, instead of being an active participant of it.
So be the champion of life, rather then a mere record keeper. That’s why it is often said brave  creates history, wise people write it, and foolish ones read it.
So stop, think, and ponder, where you are missing your diamond of life, and start acting smart.

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B S Ranganath Posted on10:16 am - Feb 2, 2018

Educative post. Hope to find many such future posts from the author Ajay Kumar.

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