Parenting – building a strong foundation of any relationship.

Parenting – building a strong foundation of any relationship.

Parenting – building a strong foundation of any relationship.

Well, many people think that relationships don’t need any special care or nourishment to keep it going. This may be a reality some 10-20 years ago because of the taboo of society, gender discrimination or lack of awareness. But the truth is that it needs love, respect, understanding, sharing, caring & trust towards each other to last any relationship.

In a male-dominated society, it becomes the prime responsibility of parents to provide equal upbringing to their children also to develop a solid and healthy emotional footing among their children whether it is a male child or a female child.  It becomes mandatory here because parents are considered to be the first teachers (गुरु) of a child.  School teachers can impart educational values but moral values, emotional strength, the value of relationships, social responsibilities and traditional customs can be best explained and taught by parents only.  Parents need to indulge their children in social and cultural festivals in such a way where they feel loved to participate with zeal and fervor. Such motivational participation from parents will encourage them to learn the importance of harmony among different cultures and religions and will also teach them the essence of traditions and customs.  Parents must also develop the habit of spiritual practice and meditation to their children right from their childhood.  This practice will help the children to face any tough situation with a better state of mind and will also make them a better human being.
As a couple, parents must be loving, caring and supportive to each other so that they could become a live example for their children.  Parent’s loving, caring and respectful relationship with each other will teach their children as how they have to treat and behave with their spouse after their marriages.
These little yet very important teachings if given by parents from time to time and in a very appropriate manner will make the children emotionally strong and socially responsible.
The children brought up in such an environment when enter in their practical life and in their married life will understand the value and importance of their relationships and other social responsibilities. They will understand that their partner is brought up in the same way and with similar facilities and with same emotions and feelings.  It becomes easy for both of them to appreciate, respect and value each other’s emotions and feelings.  They will understand the importance of each other’s career and professional life. They would feel proud of each other’s achievements instead of feeling jealous.  Both of them would love to celebrate together. Tough times would bring them more close to each other if they have witnessed their parent’s moral support at their respective tough situations.
Hence, it all starts at an early age of a child when the mind is ready to accept what you want it to accept.  Therefore, every parent has to make sure with themselves that they only feed positivism and spirituality in the clean minds of their children.  So being a parent is not an easy job.  A parent has to play a very vital role in building the foundation of any relationship.  Parents have to become a role model and inspiration for their young ones.  Giving birth to a child is not what make you a parent rather how your child is going to handle his or her relationships and other social responsibilities and moreover how they manage their tough times, says all about your parenting.
Meenakshi Raina
Meenakshi Raina

I, Meenakshi Raina, from "The City of Temples (जम्मू) and The Paradise on Earth (कश्मीर)" (J&K), have a great passion for Writing, Singing & Travelling. I am not any Literary expert yet having enough to write because of experiencing Life from different dimensions. I am thankful to everyone in my Life for helping me to explore myself and to feel and understand the process of Divinity. Humble Gratitude to "Infinite-Spirit". My Belief - "You can't believe in God until you believe in yourself".


Aparna Posted on6:36 am - Feb 5, 2018

Values instilled by Parents last a lifetime .

Sulekha Posted on7:41 am - Feb 5, 2018

Amazing thoughts put across Meenakshi! Well said that school can only impart curricular knowledge but customs, traditions, ethics and values come from parents. Admire your views and experience.

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on7:10 am - Feb 23, 2018

    Thanks Sulekha

Ashita Posted on12:31 pm - Feb 6, 2018

The perfect parenting mantra.. lovely writeup..??

    Meenakshi Raina Posted on7:09 am - Feb 23, 2018

    Thanks Ashita.

Kuldeep Posted on4:16 am - Feb 7, 2018

Very true said that values like social responsibility, emotional strength…. can best be developed in a child by his/her parents only.

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