By Rajgopalan Ramchandran

Around 19 trillion billion rupees are spent all over the world by Governments and Corporate, just to make us sick. It’s unbelievable but true, and to know how, just go through the details here :

The intellectual battle cannot be fought in one day or won. It no doubt takes several years, and could even take more generations to fight this battle bitterly.

The intellectual battle is between knowledge that natural farming is sustainable and long lasting, versus chemical farming with a lot of fertilizers/pesticides. Ultimately victory will be to natural farming, albeit whatever exploitation done by Corporate.

If intellect is developed by education, and that education is wrong and mired by lacunae, where will one go and cry?

All of us consume daily tonnes and tonnes of rice and wheat.  Today, let me dwell only on these two grains i.e. rice and wheat. In the past, when Agricultural Universities were non-existent all over the world, the method of cultivation adopted was only natural farming.  Likewise, when no Forest Departments were in existence, there were abundantly beautiful natural flora and fauna, and local varieties of trees depending on the ecology, so also when no Veterinary Departments were in vogue we had varieties of very high quality cattle and also birds of different varieties, colors and size.

But today I restrict my ambit in rice and wheat.  Today we buy the seeds of wheat from the market, and on the seed bag it is explicitly written “this wheat is not good for consumption” and poisonous layer is clogged on it.  These poisonous seeds are given to farmers for sowing in 50 Kgs bag @ Rs.1000/- per bag for cultivation in one acre. At the time of cultivation a poison in the name of super phosphate is given in 50 kg bags, costing Rs.400/- causing a thrust on the farmers.  When wheat is getting germinated, one bag of urea, costing Rs.350/- is given, and when second irrigation is taking place, while cultivation, another bag of urea is forced upon.

For removing weeds and pests, pesticides worth Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- is being utilized.  When wheat is flowering, a poison called sulphas is being supplied as protective cover, for saving the cultivation.  To be precise, farmers are cheated with poisonous chemical seeds, and subsequently with supply of urea, super phosphate and pesticides in the name of high growth and protection of the crops by the multinationals engaged in fertilizers and pesticides at the cost of Rs.3000 for cultivation per acre.

When you talk about paddy, similar things happen and farmers have to shell out Rs.6000 per acre for cultivation by buying the above fertilizers and pesticides etc.  To sum up Rs.9000 worth chemicals are being sold for cultivation of one acre each wheat and paddy.

In India alone about 3946 lakh acres are under cultivation and out of which 2156 lakh acres are irrigated where cultivation of wheat and paddy takes place.  To give you an example 215600000×9000 = Rs.1950400000000 worth fertilizers and pesticides are being sold to the gullible farmers in the name of chemical farming so that we all become sick otherwise how multinational drug companies can sell their allopathic drugs when we don’t become sick?????

How many farmers and his family members die of pesticides, weed killer and sulfas, you will not find this number because most families do not give information because they do not know about this.

Last but not least I would like to appeal to my urban friends that along with a family doctor, keep a family farmer as well who can give you natural farming products, because your mind gets shaped according to the food you intake.

Note: Rs.19 trillion billion rupees are being spent annually to spoil the wheat and paddy production only. Leave alone other grains, fruits and vegetable cultivation and the amount being spent on it for spoiling same through chemicals and you can calculate the amount in your wildest imagination.

This is only tip of the iceberg relating to 30%.  When you imagine in fruits, vegetables and other grains viz. 70% the quantity of chemical fetilisers are being used unceremoniously you can imagine how much poisons we intake day in day out.

R.Rajgopalan is a Natural Farming Faculty & Natural Farmer, Raipur Chattisgarh, Central India

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