Little girls with dreams become women with vision

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

Little girls with dreams become women with vision
“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.”
In the early twentieth and the late nineteenth century, women in Victorian England had no choice but work to support their families. With the upcoming of Hitler’s Nazism, women, were assumed to be racially pure and physically robust. Women and their families were rewarded for maintaining the purity of the Nazi community. All these records are now considered and studied as holocausts rather anecdotes.
Women play an important role in the development of families, communities and nations quoted Dr. James Emmanuel.
According to him, women act as pillars in the buildings of life which balance the entire cemetery and the structure of the building. Nowadays, Women empowerment has become a global topic for discussion. It is considered that commenting, tweeting and blogging on this topic is cool by the society but the reality remains questioned.
Why are men considered superior and women inferior?
It is only because of the mindset that has prevailed since early times. Nevertheless, women have proved themselves in all spheres. Education is something that is necessary for all and acts as a building block but in the countries which consider the women to be a rung lower than men there is no chance for their education. In Saudi Arabia, women don’t have a right to vote because the Sheikhs living there believe that their homes and hearth are meant to be looked after by their women.  According to these Sheikhs, women are not fit for political discussions. There are many examples but as the time is passing these examples are turning into inspirations.
Indian Women
Indian women have always been perceived by the society as quiet, docile kind of women but in every generation, some women or other have always broken the stereotypes. Whether you take an example of the multi-talented socialist from Amritsar, Kiran Bedi or the Indian Foreign Service Officer and former Indian Ambassador to the United States, Nirupama Rao both of them have contributed towards the well-being of their country. There are infinite examples and all of them are true inspirations of feminism. A housewife contributes in a different way and takes care of her children where a working woman has some other responsibilities. Both of them are equally important.
Women and the Government 
There are many questions prevailing in the hearts of the common saga. Most of them are about the safety measures taken by the government for children and especially for women. People choose the government for the betterment of their country but political instability acts as a barrier to the development of the country. Women in India are still dependent on the government their protection and to this, the government takes certain steps and then relaxes into its normal routine. Women in India are intelligent and smart enough to react against any injustice done to them. Self-defense classes should be attended by both women as well as children. They need to rise up for themselves so they can withstand the society, more importantly with themselves. Considering the political statistics, there are thirty-three percent seats reserved for women but this percentage should be equal to that of men.
Women Versus Men 
As mentioned earlier, men are said to be superior. The reason is not because of the work which was done by men instead of the strength outshone by them. Why is it so? Why are more number of seats reserved for men? The answer to these questions remains blank. Moreover, women are strong enough to handle everything from political institutions to home kitchens. Indian Women Cricket team is on the top and these girls are breaking record day by day. They have now attained a place where men find it difficult to reach. Science and technology is something that has been adopted by women with great ease.
Keeping Up With  The Challenge 
Women are proving to be more challenging and responsible than men. All she asks for a chance that could lead her to greater heights and success. A woman’s soul is always on flight and it is better not to drag her down. She has the ability to roar the crowd on one side and stand up for her esteem. There are many people who simply judge a woman on the type of clothes she wears but the real side of her rests in her roar of silence. It is better to embellish her thoughts than to engrave them in books. Thinking from a personal perspective, I adore women who are bossy and sassy. I love being around them. Bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate, engaged, ambitious and doesn’t mind leading. Being a girl child is a wonderful feeling. I would rather choose to be classy than fussy. A person who is able to control mix emotions is considered intelligently classy and to me, my mother is one of them. The reason for me participating in this competition was to change the notion of women being equally stronger and smarter than men.
“Keep your head, heels, and standards high and always make sure your seams are straight.”


Aparna Posted on9:47 am - Mar 16, 2018

actually seeds are implanted in childhood

Sulekha Chandra
Sulekha Chandra Posted on6:47 pm - Mar 23, 2018

Dear Rahat, I liked the excerpts from history.

” It is better to embellish her thoughts than to engrave them in books.”

Awesome sentence. Keep up the good work.

Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao Posted on6:04 pm - Apr 11, 2018

Great article! I loved the last line. Keep the head, heels and standards high and keep the seams straight’. Great to see this lovely changed mindset!

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