A Blink with a Wink

A Blink with a Wink

A Blink with a Wink

The LEFT blinked; The RIGHT winked


Both laughed and raised a toast,

“For nothing is as sweet as MONEY”


For a newborn arriving in the hospital,

Birth by c-section could turn fatal…

The cut mark screams as a pointer

To the hunted and the hunter!


Several bills across the table,

In reality and not in AESOP’s FABLE;

bribes and greasy talk you see,

How in human God’s creation can be???


Layers of dusty files surround

Belittling  the pensioners around

“Not today, SIR. Come tomorrow”

Is he justifying his sorrow???


“Marry him and lead a good life”

Directs the SARPANCH to the raped woman, in strife,

Would she ever be able to give

The love that was snatched, and not received ???


“NO> 20 in the waiting list!” exclaims the family,

“ Call the Corporator”…’ take his reference’, suggestions

Tumble out of the belly!


The little child , frail and doomed

Forever, by his guardians, clearly assumed…

His innocence, never to be replaced

Stuck for life with the greys that he faced.


Two ladies fragrant with betel, assaulted on their way

To fetch water in the hot month of MAY.

With burning skin and the scorching heat,


WE care for our cows and the MEAT

Make them believe as they say

THEIR summers are here to stay.


An envelope unbuttons its seal,

For a large portion of flesh and kill

Dying a solitary death even when alive…

How worthy was it to take a bribe?


Drugs and pills in the gaming ring

From boxing to athletics, a short term fling,

“Bring medals and unfurl our national pride”

It’s a reverse offer of seek and hide!


“No kerosene, no sugar”- the pot bellied man cried out


The hungry tummies rioting at home…

We are talking about INDIA, and not ROME.

STALking, EVEteasing are fun for young men and boys


Women and girls are cheap as toys

So pour the acid on her unknown face

Leave her to suffer at her pace!


A few days or few hours  in prison

Is what the guilty face with reason,

While the JUDICIARY sleeps an early death

Unperturbed by the public wrath.


The broom, The lotus, The hand, The sickle

are all a mockery of political fickle.

Why then do we restrain at all and

Wait for others to take a call?



Even as the rogues are out of sight,

Raise an alarm, Ring  the bell,

Hold the baton to share and tell…


Mere words of comfort and some crispy notes

A cooing delight before the votes

A job on hold, some rations sold

Link the promises that are foretold.


Candlelight marches and silence for a minute,

Have done us no good as a unit,

Pleas  and pledges, vows and prayers

 have ceased to foil, strike the swords…


Be brave , be bold

Let the agony unfold.

Develop your plan and analyze

And cut down to the essential size.


May the pen write the deeds of our nation,

With grit, patience, and determination.

So keep marching in a rightful way,

To gift a serene and sublime today.


Hoot against bribe and corruption

For they are the mediums of human pollution.

Together we must and in unity, we can



The soul that cleanses here on EARTH

Is hopeful in gloom and mirth…


-By Shrabanti Ray


Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray

Shrabanti Ray is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, mentor, script writer, poet, thinker, and crafter, possessing about seven years of corporate experience and thirteen years in the educational sector. A progressive thinker who dwells on the art of life and the several strings of life that create music. Looking out of the window is a pastime that she relishes to seek an insight within. She believes in living life to the fullest as there is no second one.

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