Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from India?



Incredible India struck violently again on the “RICHTER Scale” of social demolition and doom.Citizens huddled up to the disturbing news of a Principal and owner of a school in the outskirts of Haryana, who allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old girl on the pretext of helping her clear her class 10 board exams. What is more appalling is the desperation of the child’s father! He apparently facilitated the deal by paying the accused Rs. 10,000 without pondering too much on the vulnerability of the situation created due to his irresponsible attitude. Preferring vice over rightfulness, turning an otherwise, perhaps, easy life for his child to an extremely painful one, painted with hues of undesired agony and misery. My heart cries out for the teenager in distress who will never be able to fix the cracks that have traumatized her for life. Would she be able to join the missing parts of her puzzled life without conflict? A few thousands bared her soul but failed to promote her in the larger test of life.

The QUESTIONS that seek answers here are:

On whose account should the blame be deposited?

Is FAILURE to be included in the general curriculum of life?


The TRUTH  is glaring at us, right away, with amazement, wonder, and awe. Are we finding it so cumbersome and difficult to tread on the path of ~ RIGHTEOUSNESS? Why are we bringing ourselves to the dust? Compromising with vice and wrongdoing is the latest trend and in vogue. Shortcuts, size zeroes and shamelessness have attributed in abundance and are topping the charts of success and triumph.


It’s as if

You pay, you make your day

You fail, you derail……..

A brief history of giving and gifting

Humans are social creatures inhabiting in a “MIXED CURRY” environment. The social and cultural history boasts of endless instances of gifts in cash or kind. People exchanged gifts when there was a celebration, marriage or any relevant function. It was considered a token of love, respect, and appreciation, especially from elders and close family members. The monetary influence was invisible; the sentiments pursued.


People from villages would carry bagfuls of rice, vegetables{ without tarnished in cyanide or dye } and local fruits when they visited an acquaintance or kith and kin in the already developed towns and cities.

Heirloom silk, conventional cookware, and metals, an elite possession such as a piano and associated articles gathered attention and admiration and were passed on to the next generation with pride. A mark of legacy, adding worth and value to the family name.

With time, a significant reverse process initiated, with simple things replaced by looks, shine, and polish. The MONETARY APPEAL  became clear.

SIMPLE/happiness, sharing, love, concern

COMPLEX/money, fame, power, social status

The accelerated downfall

As society stretched and broadened, population rise happened to be a critical factor, thereby, snapping employment opportunities and placements, with limited avenues. Earning a decent livelihood was laborious and exerting. A specific section attuned to shortcuts, trimming and thinning truthfulness and virtue from the system. They threatened and ridiculed the slightest degree of honor attached to hard work and sincerity. ALAS! Patience, determination, and loyalty gave way to fraud, deceit, and vice. It was short, result oriented, quick just like painkillers and thus attracted many followers and staunch believers to preach and propagate the inappropriate ways of life. However, it was challenging enough to indulge in some form of excitement through the back door.


The idea of gifting simply turned political!

If I offer him little more, my work will be done. And what’s the harm in it? It will save me endless visits, mental and physical stress’- thought the MASTERMIND, staring gleefully at the “senior babu” in the government office. His face red with anticipation and the teeth in action with the constant chewing of the betel leaf fragrant with the ‘masala’ that held him to an intoxicated stupor.

The scent of vice is all-pervading…….

“ My daughter made all these; you must taste the chicken biryani she prepares. It is simply heavenly”…the indignant mother flashes out her marketing lessons to impress the visitors. Such a common display of bluff and derogatory too! Can a marriage function and succeed by some imaginary culinary skills? We need the basic ingredients of love, trust, care, and respect in prioritizing the institution of marriage.


If the deal matures, then its celebration galore for both the families. Graduation for the bride and promotion for the groom…the beginning of a blanched tale.



The movie “HINDI MEDIUM” is a representation of the fleeting mindset of the new age parents who appease their appetite through their children. Parasitic thinking of the natural guardians driving and pushing the innocent children to the parapet of life. It seems to be the dream of every parent to enroll their children in a TOP school that sails on popularity. The school must have the latest infrastructural amenities, sports facilities, language learning software, digital know-how and that charismatic “zing” that could be flashed at the clubhouse brunches and Zumba sessions.

Finance never acts as a deterrent for such high fliers. Property mortgaging, personal loans, savings and family cooperatives are anchors for sinking ships.

One query remains unanswered Are they aware that instead of making their lives they are actually ruining most of it?

So, the extra-large development fee makes for an easy entry.

The tragedy of children with learning difficulties can never walk past realizing the vibrations they generate when it comes to scope, direction, and size of learning in schools of repute. Such facilitation of education misinterprets the mission of imparting true knowledge. Holistic growth remains a myth forever. WE CLAIM, EDUCATION IS FOR  ALL.The RTE is in troubled waters already!



Bribing is not essentially an act of persuasion in favor of someone offering money or services – it is also a mentally and psychologically tailored view created deliberately to outshine, overtake and outperform, having an edge of influence over others in the social tree. Even during the BRITISH RULE, the choice was prevalent. IT-induced them to prove their supremacy over us.

“A bagful of rice

And the mouthful accept vice

A gentle handshake

This gesture to intake

A warm slimy hug

Enticing the corruption bug

Fading  glory with a fall

Does anyone care at all’

No wonder, the traits are still persisting and germinating!


We are in love with discounts so much so that it stimulates our greed, lust, thirst for all things material and is intensely overpowering.


Look around, Nominations, Degrees, Certifications, Medals, Honours, Awards, Designations and Distinctions are on sale, all around the year@ prescribed prices. Recommendations, wildcard entries, brown envelopes, jump the gun attitude spell magic and so, there is an illegitimate conception of ventures, projects, and launches without any delay. These are corrupted works of art with commercial convenience.


Suddenly out of the blue, I see a commotion- A rush, in the nearby slum. Just a while ago, it was a regular evening with milky tea and those dark brown oily samosas and other titbits. My curiosity overflowed like the thick froth in a good coffee.

Some men came visiting. The women instantly powdered their faces, pulling up their long black hair in a quick bun.Everything generated an air of suspicion.

To my shock, I noticed the thick bundles of 500 and 100 clasped securely in their hands.As I kept wondering, the women flashed a kind open smile to those men. The crispy notes were showered like tiny droplets of water in a drought. Accompanying them were big packets with a blanket in them, I guessed. I was overwhelmed by this act of charity when I chanced upon the “ NAMASTE” syndrome and two to three vans crowded with supporters of a political party.


Wisdom hit hard. It was election time and the generosity tumbled out of the blanket. The warmth diffused the chill of the slum dwellers but scraped their means to survive with dignity.


“YOU  raise a voice

And you are shot

A nation that harvested

Freedom and fought

NOW, in a dilapidated state

doubting our fate

Dig up the roots

While corruption loots

Make it a passion

To serve our nation.”


Places of worship are an abode of simplicity and higher calling.

Why then there are a box and ‘Handi’ for collection? I am sure the multi-faced diverse gods and goddesses do not need money to sustain themselves. They do not need gold, diamonds, and smart TV’s.  then why such places have turned into a commercial den, where the able, skilled, and the rich flock together?

The poor and the needy are left out to fend themselves. Which religion teaches us to deny, destroy and dampen the spirit of humanity which transcends above all. The practices, customs, and rituals are meant to satisfy those who doubt the power of creation. Man-made disasters that are hindering constructive development. bank frauds, scams, chit funds are like missiles hovering over the human hemisphere at high-speed. The scene of an explosion is unaddressed. Kindly gather on the battlefront…

How do we educate, empower, and enrich the youth of our country who can shoulder massive responsibilities against any wrongdoing?

*Interacting  regularly

*Organising Awareness Programmes

*Working in association with NGO’s and old age homes

  • Survey and collecting data

*Verifying  with local police station for records


*Being an example

*Sharing your belief system

The present scenario is of course disheartening. The snag in apt governance, efficient judiciary and the unprotesting nature of the members of the public are mediums that encourage the corrupt to litter their sewage in unsolicited areas.

As I set to close, I can sense someone clinging to a celebrity for a selfie or cozying for attention.


Keep your mind free of any polluting thought’

If each one of us does so, the country will sparkle in deeds of glory and fame.

‘Being Hopeful’

Shrabanti Ray



Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray

Shrabanti Ray is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, mentor, script writer, poet, thinker, and crafter, possessing about seven years of corporate experience and thirteen years in the educational sector. A progressive thinker who dwells on the art of life and the several strings of life that create music. Looking out of the window is a pastime that she relishes to seek an insight within. She believes in living life to the fullest as there is no second one.

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Aparna Posted on6:35 am - Mar 25, 2018

we Indians have actually mastered the TAOLAB – the art of Living and Bribing from time immemorial.

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