Ruins of Palace

The reflection of word ‘travel’ perks up my spirit,

And when it’s known for History; It can’t be abdicated. Though we always plan an excursion amongst mountains, beaches or landmarks.

But personally feeling, all of us must have and should plan a HISTORICAL chronicled & factual adventure travel.

Since Bhansali been surrounded by rumors and … regarding his HISTORICAL FICTION archival movie PADMAVAT. So to excavate the truth I planned a trip around the beautiful serene town of KARA of Kaushambi District, UP.

This place had a rich cultural heritage

LEGENDS, KINGS, WARS, ARCHITECT has led to its grandeur. The melody of unsung heroes  Jai Chand, Alauddin KHILJI, Manikchand, Spiritual saints as MalookDas, Malik Jaisi (Author of controversial Padmavati) all trace their history in its soil.

Once the Capital of Sultan Alauddin Khilji.

Approx 60 km from the City of Allahabad

To brief you a little history about the town

Alauddin Khilji was a Governor of SULTAN of Delhi JalaludDinKhilji, his father-in-law and Uncle.

During the raid of Devagiri in 1296, he married the Hindu princess and instead of making and surrendering the captured wealth to Jalaluddin, he triumphed & waved his trumpet against Jalaluddin, instead of returning to Delhi, he made his way towards KARA (the one I visited) & made his capital. KARA has been witness to many historical events and that’s surely true.

When Jalaluddin visited Kara to meet his rebel Alauddin, they met in the deep waters of Ganga, where Alauddin took his turn and beheaded the Sultan. His head fell and this historic place is still called GUMSARA ( GUM-LOST: SAR-HEAD) or Khamsara.

It is a HISTORICAL moment to witness.The place comes under Subah.

When Jalaluddin’s head got lost with the Crown too, Alauddin got worried as without the crown he could not be ……….declared the Sultan. Here at this place he announced ” whoever brings the crown back from the Ganges will be awarded the JAGEERS” (estates); only to his surprise a fisherman (called MALLAH in regional language) found it & hence the place derived it name as TAJ MALLAHAN.

The head of Sultan Jalaluddin is buried here


Alauddin was a devotee of Sufi saint KarakShah Baba, who blessed him and tied a green turban with a chapati on his head, uttering you will rule Hindustan.

After this the Historical event took place.

It was a war of supremacy of SUFISM too

Chishtiya vs. Suharwardiya

I visited the place personally & if you want some solace, tranquillity it’s a must visit the tomb.

Alauddin was a brave warrior and defeated MONGOLS five times from invading India.

After Alauddin, I headed for JaiChandsQila build during 423 hijri

Though this place keeps a deserted look

But holds significant value.

Kara was a political centre for centuries but now it’s eons of silence is only what I heard.

The last Hindu rulers Jaichand & Manikchand

both Rajputs were defeated. Here you can see two monuments——-

One is a round room made of pebbles and Lakhori Brick


And the other side is a tower measuring 50 feet a cliff has a rounded staircase well architect, beautiful carvings.

On reaching the top I saw a hole in between the towers…as according to local’s

” This was a prisoner’s punishment by putting their body inside and crushing them to death.”

While practically exploring It was an airway!!

From the top, you can have a glimpse of the town of KARA with the mesmerizing GANGETIC PLAINS.


The opposite area on the eastern side has a small reminiscent fort, from the 3 doors you can view the magnificent GANGA.I need not explain this better check my video for it.

Next, we moved on to KALAKAKAR PALACE that housed many freedom fighters. The struggle for India’s Independence was witnessed in this palace.

I was greeted by HER HIGHNESS RAJKUMARI RATNA SINGH  (Ex-M.P., CONGRESS) Daughter of Late External Affair Minister. Her hospitality was enriching and the delicacies served were all Awadhi cuisine.

She personally briefed us on the historical facts mixed with lovely political talks.

I was seated next to Ganga River. The same place where GANDHIJI gave a sermon, Late HarivanshRai Bachchan ( The father of Legend Amitabh Bachchan) Ram Manohar Lohiya, Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant and even the Russian DICTATOR JOSEF STALIN’S daughter  Svetlana Alluiveya  Stalin find solace in these place.

While history saw this phase as witnessing Cold War during 1967

The idea for my historical epic story –>

My Novel “The DAY BEFORE…I DIED”  took birth here.

So a final Salute to this deserted or lesser known facts of this historical place. It’s  a must visit for all history enthusiasts and discover the fascinating tales of restoration, while quietly pushing open the envelope’s of history .

Wait for my next trip to Amboli ( paradise near Goa)


Is an avid traveler, explorer and keeps writing travel blogs



Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a National Book Honour Awarded Author, An international poetess and a content writer at www.allaboutlives. com, eyogguroo, sparking.biz, writes for Times of India (Jaipuria Management) Supplementary. She stands amongst TOP TRENDING AUTHORS Of 2018- DÉ MODÉ. Her poems find space on an international level. Her poetry “I DO BLEED” has been published internationally! She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled “ REFUGEES, RACISM- RESISTANCE & HUMANITARIAN VOICES “VOL I published in U.K. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes.

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