Nagaraja Sharma, the Scholar Second to None

Nagaraja Sharma, the Scholar Second to None

Nagaraja Sharma, the Scholar Second to None


By Late T R Varaaha Murthy, M.A.

A rare orator on religious topics, a post graduate and a doctor in Sanskrit, Nagaraja Sharma has born in Malur, Kolar District, Karnataka – India, in the year 1936. His father late S.M.Seetharamaiah served Government of Mysore, as a senior officer.

Untimely demise of his father forced Nagaraja Sharma to discontinue his education, and take up a job in Indian Telephone Industries (ITI). His urge for knowledge made him utilize the evenings, to pursue his studies in Sanskrit.

Under the eminent scholar Late Panditha Pravara Anantha Murthy, he began to study Sanskrit in a customary manner. His dedicated effort in studies elevated him to the position of Advaitha Vedantha Vidwan. Then he studied through correspondence course of Mysore University, and secured post graduate degree (M.A.) in Sanskrit in the year 1982.

Late Dr R S Shiva Ganesh Murthy, who headed the department of Sanskrit, Mysore University – Manasa Gangothri during those years, encouraged and supported Nagaraja Sharma to attain better heights in studies of Sanskrit. Nagaraja Sharma submitted a thesis named “An analytical study of books on the episodes of Shankaracharya” in the year 1991 and secured doctorate in Sanskrit, when he was 55 years old.

After retirement as an officer in Indian Telephone Industries in 1994, Dr Nagaraja Sharma’s attention was drawn towards religious matters. He began his discourses in Karnataka and other states. In spite of being a pure Kannadiga, he spontaneouly delivers interpretations on the Tamil epic Thiruppavai, as well as the Holy Quran.

Dr Nagaraja Sharma actively participates in social activities. He is the Assistant District Scout Commissioner. He is serving St.John’s Ambulance Brigade. He keeps visiting schools and colleges to give special lectures to students on first aid, fire fighting etc. He kept donating blood (+A) even when he reached the advanced age of 56 years (26 years ago).

Nagaraja Sharma, on the verge of Padayatre with friends

Padayatre (walking long distance) is one of his favorite hobbies. He has walked long distances from Bangalore to Tirupathi, Nanjanagud, Sringeri and other places so far.

His padayatras are not only serving the younger generation as a guidance, but also are helping him to broaden his experience in public life, as he comes across different cultures of various places. He has walked a distance of 165 Kms alone, to Nanjanagud near Mysore, in his 71st year of age.

He lectures in a scientific manner blended with refined humor and attracts innumerable admirers.

The following are the subjects on which Dr. Nagaraja Sharma has delivered lectures.

Veda Manthras and books on Vendatha: Sreesukta, Purushasukta, Naryana Sukta, Manthrapushpa, Rudra Suktha and Chamaka, Aruna Prashna, Devatharchana Sandhyavandana etc.

Upanishads: Kena, Katha, Prashna, Mundaka, Mandukya Thaithariya, Aithateya, Chandogya, Brihadaranyaka etc.

Shankaracharya Scripts: Viveka Choodamani, Upasesha Sahasri, Commentary on Bhagavadgeetha etc.

Sthothras (Hymns of Praise): Mohamudgara (Bhaja Govindam), Dakshina Murthy Sthothra, Mukunda maala and many precious sthotras from Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha and Purnas.

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Thiruppavai: Interpretation in Kannada on the original Tamil version.

Lord Ganapati: Hymns of Praise, Doorvankura priya Ganapathi, Shyamanthaka Upaakhyana, Ganesha Puraana etc.

Maruthi: His incarnation, greatness, role in Ramayana etc.

Prayers: Vishnu Sahasra Nama, the story of Satyanarayan Vratha, Srinivas Kalyana, the analysis of ten Avatharas, Venkateswara Sahasra nama, Lakshmi Sahasranaama, Narayaneeyam.

Devis: Sree Vidya, Durga Sapta Shathi, Lalitha Sahasranama, Soundaraya Lahari, Mooka Panchashathi, Devi Bhagavatha, Sri Bhavanopanishat.

Shiva: Shiva Purana, Shiva Sahasranaama, Shiva stothras etc.

Devotion: The principles of Narada Bhakthi, worship of God. Features of a devotee, Specialty of festivals, greatness of the months of Karthika, Magha and Shravana, conservation of Dharma etc.

Guru: The true form of Guru, the necessity of Sadguru in the path of accomplishment, Shankara Ramanuja, Madhva, Ramakrishna parama Hamsa, Vivekananda, the saints of Maharashtra, Vedantha Deshikar, Vidyaranya, Andal, Nayanmars and Alwars, Chandraskehra Bharathi, Raghavendra, Datthathreya, Sai Baba, Thyagaraja, Purandara, Kanaka and such great sadgurus.

Commentary: On Devudu’s ‘Maha Brahmana’, Mahakshatriya’, ’Mahadarshana’; Ta-Ra-Su’s ‘Hamsa geetha’; Own analysis on impediments faced by a dedicated practitioner, when he is about to achieve self realization, mistake of his own doing etc.

Veda Sevabhushana, Vedantharathna, Vedashree Dr S.Nagaraju, M A, Ph D (Sanskrit) Could be contacted on his mobile # 9480215529.

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