The Joy of Travel

The Joy of Travel

The Joy of Travel

Simple pleasures, the chirping of birds, gurgling waters, bluish-green lakes.

See the tea laborers picking laborers on the slopes, quietly chopping the leaves,

The fresh minty aroma of the leaves, some tea leaves, some cardamom, some henna, some cloves, you can see the aloe vera gel squeezing out of the plant.It is a rare an enthralling sight to see a rubber tree, hooded with plastic, and a cup to collect the latex. A lovely world to view, get immersed in the beauty of mountains, trees, sky, stars, moon, sun, wind blowing, flora and fauna the hills n valleys, the waves dashing on the shores, the narrow alleys with cobbled stones. Don’t u believe that you can see the beauty of nature from different angles

In another case, if we visited a cold place then it would be snow, freezing chilly warm clothes no birds chirping mountains covered with snow, less of activity.the serenity and the beauty of such places are indescribable.

Travel is a kaleidoscopic adventure with a spectrum of beauty, colors, learning about different cultures, a way of life seeing and observing other ways of living, working, cooking and momentary bliss. You can’t understand the.benefits of travelling until you do it and then the Eureka moment appears when something really clicks.its just like reading a book, you move from one page to another and it’s a different scenario. It’s the same when you move from a regular setup to a new place where you start viewing everything and everyone with interest and a keen detailed outlook. Seeing life from another angle, we start appreciating every small thing that we took for granted.

We also become more patient to other viewpoints and stop seeing life only in black and White. We start accepting some aspects of their ideologies, understand why they think differently, start valuing relations and the umpteen gifts that Universe has bestowed on us . In short we adapt to Globalization since earlier it was only our way of life , our thinking, our religion, our culture, our mind broadens to take in all this and learn the good and appreciate what’s wonderful about them and where we stand amidst all this . It’s an exploration of the unknown also a discovery of a lot of things . It’s an open book in front of us where the words are coming into play and we are learning through our senses and intuition .

Human nature, empathy compassion, togetherness, loyalty, sincerity, love,  care, hospitality are all understood by actions and circumstances then just reading these terms in a text. Whatever we see or hear we infer from that to see how we would have behaved in a similar situation . Means apart from the outwardly aspect that we gain so and so from travel we also start introspection about human nature, behaviour, body language different intonations, expressions, vocabulary, beauty of another language and much more. It’s a plethora of experiences that we are going throughout a myriad of spectacular knowledge about history , geography, currency , political conditions , weather, climate, education and a lot more.


Aparna Posted on8:07 am - Mar 16, 2018

Travel is indeed a kaliedscopic of experiences.

Aparna Posted on8:07 am - Mar 16, 2018

A Kaliedoscope of experiences enriches you.

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