Women – A Celebration

Women – A Celebration

Women – A Celebration

How do I start to write something about women?

I am taking a short pause here and thinking what if I weren’t here writing this piece and glorifying the womanhood. And what do I want to celebrate about women. Whilst the unavoidable truth is they are someone who have brought life to life. And will continue to give life to everything in this universe.

By no means, I am exaggerating feminism and how women have strived and thrived in their fields and became a powerful source of love, abundance and inspiration to millions in the world. Rather I am just bringing out the charismatic beauty of her soul that has really chosen to fight all odds and be herself in a world where everyone is trying to become someone else.  And in a world where majority of women deal with male dominance, sexual abuse, marital rapes, abortion, dowry and what not.

Again, taking a deep sigh and reflecting what it means to be women? A single definition wouldn’t be enough to paint vividly who she is and what she thinks. What her beliefs are and what she has been.

When a women stands up for herself, nothing in this world can stop her.  Something that is of paramount importance is that we have them all around us in our families, in our office, streets and still we see them differently? Why is that so? Why is she considered as not one amongst this society, community or world as a whole?  Why did I quote this here is to bring out a fact that women who are not treated the way they would like it to is because they don’t either treat themselves that way. Yes, it’s true. This may take time to register in your minds.  But aren’t we experiencing that ways. Women who dared stood up for what they believed in, what they cared about and what matters to them are lesser in percentage.  We can’t really commit if people around them would rather believe in when infact she doesn’t believe in herself. How can we alter that space for her? As an individual can we? That she can be the way she is and the way she is not without giving up on her dreams and ambitions in this society. And that she accepts herself graciously for standing as the possible future for gen next.

How will the world be enrolled in her possibility of living a life powerfully and living a life she loves unless she herself is sure to live a life that ways!! Isn’t that an exclaiming moment! The seeds of worry, doubts, apprehensions, anxieties, circumstances and what not have made her to believe she is less. Few of them who are blessed with good families, friends, society and education have gone ahead. As for them, situations were really favorable or if I rightly put some of them stepped out and made it so.

The not so happening part still that hovers in most minds is if women are only meant to be home makers then why they ever have to be doing something else. An alarm was raised long ago when women were stopped from going to school, to get education, to choose a career and to choose a life. These women who were stopped due to any reason whatsoever have just existed all these years. They had forgotten to live! Yes they just merely exist and they are subjected to all sorts of discrimination and remain suppressed with a fear what if they raised a voice to choose something. As for now, I’ll take the example of my mother; she has been a fantastic and a very supportive mom by the way. What I truly appreciate about her is the way she smiled while she used to wake me up early morning when I was in Delhi. There was a fulfillment in her eyes. The way she nourished the family with meals; the way she expressed infront of me on having arguments with dad and how she calls me and sends Wtsapp text when she misses me. Why am I sharing this is to bring to light a small but yet a very important subject of she not being at the source of celebrating her aliveness and the presence she creates. My acknowledgement makes her believe that she is worthy, she is much more. For herself, she is no good. She isn’t worth and hasn’t been of value to anybody in the family. This is the thought she dwells in most times. Then there is chain reaction to these thoughts and she goes on to feeling suppressed, anxious, and pressurized and someone who was just born to raise kids. That was one story of a family. And then there are families, where one woman doesn’t celebrates herself, demands respect, or feels small on not having been able to accomplish some sort of societal standards of what a woman should be, be it beauty health or wealth, that then leaves the families, societies, communities and the world disempowered.  Till the time, if this isn’t transformed for every women, I believe it will continue to impact the coming generations. And we as  responsible citizens should be an enabling factor for the women around us that they start to celebrate their greatness, and enjoy the universe she is building on.

Since the very beginning, we have heard a lot that women have always been looked upon for their beauty, their looks. The heavens bow down to beautiful women. I am amazed and spellbound with this discovery too. Women do have a beauty that needs much higher appreciation than what it is being done now.

“She is a daddy’s girl in her teens, then a college going adult, or an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother later.” All these phases bring forth an armament with which she fights. She builds on the confidence every single day, she steps out and sees a world different from her fairy tale, and she chooses to be something that very day. When studying in the classroom, she feels a sudden rush of pain in her belly and walks up to the restroom to check the stains on her skirt, she chooses to ignore the guilt and face the class with courage every day. When the husband says, “Today the food wasn’t that good”, she chooses to prepare it again all the way. When the in-laws say, “You are not following the rituals of our family, you have disrespected us”, she chooses to be silent to not being called as opinionated every day. She goes to the office and is looked at by her colleagues, “Go home, its 8 PM now”, she again chooses to sideline the fears of being groped outside and reach safely each day. While she is choosing her life each day internally in her thoughts, shouldn’t she be respected for the beauty and the courage of being that way? Infact, if a poll were conducted and women were to be rated for their beauty and intelligence, the scale would show how a women leads her life on the edge and chooses to deter anything negative that comes along her way. She is truly beautiful indeed.

A women is believed to be a mystery

But they are the ones who create history

Without them no heroes would have been born

Only with them the heroes take their throne

What is it then we need to worry about

Only one thing that matters the most now

Is that the women do need to shout aloud

Shout until they are heard

Fight until they are free to fly like a bird

There is a certain way in which they are perceived

We can be the game changers if we support them

And take away their sufferings and grief

No doubt the planet would be greener and healthier

For the women on earth

Would be celebrating their greatness of being a warrior.

“Lets celebrate womanhood for she needs it everyday”

Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.


Aparna Posted on1:25 pm - Mar 15, 2018

great read , very well written

sulekha chandra Posted on6:52 pm - Mar 24, 2018

Dear Summi, it was refreshing to read your piece wherein you mention your connection with your mother.  I admire your thought process and your depth of understanding elder generation.


“My acknowledgement makes her believe that she is worthy, she is much more.”

“the way she expressed infront of me on having arguments with dad”

You are a great source of transformation to your mother and your near and dear ones including friends and colleagues. 

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