“Women Empowerment”, Who’s Responsibility?

“Women Empowerment”, Who’s Responsibility?

“Women Empowerment”, Who’s Responsibility?

On the afternoon of 8th March as Lata returned from school her grandmother noticed some strange shift in Lata’s behavior. Usually, Lata used to come home from school in a very cheerful and joyful mood. She used to chat a lot with her grandmother narrating all the stories and their morals, about which she had got knowledge in the school.  Today she was very quiet and lip locked. She did not even respond to her grandfather’s welcome note on reaching home.

She went straight in her room and was sitting quietly in one corner engrossed in deep thoughts. Her grandmother was very much concerned about her silence and tried to strike a conversation with her. After many attempts, she was successful to make Lata speak out.


Lata’s school has celebrated the women’s day. And in the speech given by her teacher, Lata learned the great work done by Savitribai Phule, an Indian social reformer, and poet. Lata was very upset, after learning about the huge initiative taken by Savitribai Phule, about women empowerment by starting first girl’s school in Pune. Her grandmother was still confused that what is so upsetting in learning that.

Lata was 10 years old and had a 14 year’s old elder brother. Her family included father, mother, and grandparents. They had a conservative middle-class environment at home. Lata was being brought up in a family where both her parents were working.

She had always noticed the unequal treatment her father and mother were given after coming home tired from work. She also experienced the difference between being a woman and man in contributing to household chores. Though her parents were well educated she had always seen her mother doing all the chores at home and how her grandmother expected her mother doing everything as she was the daughter in law.

Lata was unable to find a logical reason behind the fact that why her mother is subject to do all work alone at home, when she was equally working like her dad in the job.

Lata was so much confused on learning the history of women empowerment. She was unable to understand whether women are really empowered or they are now becoming slaves under the wave of women empowerment.

If we leave a smaller fraction of the higher class and upper-middle-class society then in rest of the category women are empowered only by the knowledge that created awareness to work along with men and still be the slaves at the house.

Is this what we call women empowerment?

women empowerment

Lata’s reaction triggers our thought process as well. Does women empowerment means just giving equal opportunity for females to complete their education, compete in the male-dominated working environment to create their identity for utilizing this education?

Is women empowerment forcing more responsibilities and roles on the women to juggle through?

As a coin has two sides, similarly women empowerment also comes with its benefits and challenges at the same time. The confusion which Lata experienced throws light on the topic that who is responsible for this situation, a woman or a man? Yes, I am asking you who needs to take charge of bringing in the real change in women’s and men’s equality.

A woman should take the charge of women empowerment. She should not wait for the change to happen in the society. It’s fruitless to hope and wait for the men to empower women.  A mother can bring this change in the next generation men. She can bring the revolution by inculcating the equality principle in upbringing her sons to learn to share the roles and responsibilities in all aspect right from earning to doing small household chores.

It’s the revolution from one generation to other, that will bring massive transformation in the way the women are treated at home and even at work. As they always say that, if a man is educated only one person gets educated, and when a woman is educated an entire generation is educated. It’s my sincere urge to all the mothers to take charge of empowering the women by bringing a small shift in upbringing your sons.

Let’s take charge. Let’s create empowerment for women’s in the real sense.

Priya Tawde
Priya Tawde

Hi I am Priya Tawde. I am an entrepreneur as well as a business and personal development coach. I am on a mission to help small and medium entrepreneurs to scale up their business more than 10 times by helping them to build systems and strategies which generate Profits, Growth and Success. For more than a decade, I have worked or even trained more than 10, 000 people across various countries including business visionaries, teachers, company pioneers, and individuals from varying backgrounds on the easiest techniques to make the life they covet.

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