Positive Transformation

Positive Transformation

A Circumstance that brought up a positive transformation in you

It was the late evening and I was sitting by the side of the gate with my sweet pet dog – “Cheeku” – when a voice ranged in my ear. Someone was calling my pet from the gate and listening to it, my pet started to bark at the coming voice. He was sitting like a white dwarf on the gate – fully white and looked as charming as he used to be. He was the gatekeeper of our house and at times when he was getting old he used to sit all alone in ‘few designated positions’ where he used to feel comfortable. Those were the places where the probability to find him was the highest.

I could see my grand-father coming from the gate with the same small box – his old suitcase. I was happy to see him and so all of us. ‘Cheeku’ too after recognizing him was happy which he was indicating through his moving tail and his evergreen small antiques. We all were happy.

He came inside the bungalow, allotted to my father who due to his profession remained equipped with his work. It was such a long time and after a lot of gap of wishful instances he has, by god’s grace, shown up. It was literally the start of celebrations as we knew that what was in the store next- a fully fledged vacation with lots of excursion marked with shopping of toys and  types of games – indoor to outdoor – the equipments as well as dresses. He used to flounder on us many things and we too used to be floundered by him. Our pet was equally naughty and demanding from him. With his little antiques and playful tricks all he wanted was our attention as well as share in every activity we were indulged into especially if it used to be a food item.

It was evening when my grandfather came and as soon as he came we both brothers were shouting at the top of our voice – Grandpa! Grandpa! Running around him in circles, with us was our pet who too moved in circles and after few moments of times he just inserted his mouth between the legs of Grandpa. So that was the joyful day which had ended up in receiving of our beloved – Grandpa.

Next day seemed exciting, as we stood up, for the coming morning. Sleeping by the side of Grandpa it was hard to let the sleep takeover. Being already through a rigorous sweep stakes in card game and being roped up in for almost ‘continuous hours’ of unstoppable chatting we were all amused as supposed some kind of divine intervention had happened with us. He was the centre of attraction. With already a lot of curiosity with unending talks- chit and chats throughout the day.

Next day was even more dexterous with ranged conversations and the gullible nature of our grandpa marked with pride and my Grandpa’s sweet association with us, that we are his grandsons, was equally enthralling. It gave us a sense of importance that was unmatched especially considering the environment we were set into. It was a day of harmony. We began the recourse and during it there were many pit-falls which we enjoyed with our peers. Grandpa was in physique – old and obese, but his nature and love for us was unmatchable. So was he, rigged with diseases and was never complaining both being complacent but always being composed, fun filled, and short tempered but equally a unique person of his own?

It was a good day and it took him only three hours to decide that the circus in the city was going to be held in the evening. It was here from past one week. It was a good venture and as supposed we all were already jovial and jubilant about the same. My parents were busy in their jobs and hardly had any time. It was a mixed up moment. Circus! Circus! It was all we were iterating from morning.

Gemini Circus was in a park near-by and we were jubilant about the same. We all decided to leave for the same by the evening. It was a hot afternoon.  It took us time to realize that we all were leaving for the show and we all were ecstatic. We all left the house in the evening close to 4 pm. We were heading towards the circus when we reached the park. It was still an hour away and seeing various vendors outside the giant tent, with a capacity of more than 500, we all were equally excited and again the similar shouts starting to come out – “Grandpa! Grandpa! We want these? We want that?” and at every stall this was the scenario. He too, in love, was filled with amusement and his thoughtful thinking was more than enough for us. In no less time we all were holding lots of candy, sweet, toffee and other deliverables. At that time, something touched us. It was the trunk of an elephant from behind. At first we all were afraid and we hided ourselves behind Grand-pa.

So activities were all lined up and finally we entered the tent-house. The tent-house was covered with big curtains and in a circular pattern the whole tent’s ground floor was lined up with chairs all around. It was a big show to commence soon. Grandpa and two of us were each enthralled with the idea of the show. It started well and we all were watching amusingly.

Joker’s with their mikes and ringing loudspeakers. Funny dresses and their funny antiques all were so amusing. We were all listening to their fetters and laughing with our mouth wide open. The area was marked with amiableness with jovial attitude and camaraderie spread throughout the area. It was a lot of exhaust filled with pressurized emotions that were coming out with degrees of laughter that was shooting out from here. Train carrying ‘lot of cages’ with pets, of different breeds, started to move throughout the tent. It came from nowhere and after a few circles through the tent it stopped at the ‘cage centre’ near the jokers. It was a lot of wobble. The jokers laughed and seeing them with those affable trained-dogs it was even getting more interesting. Joker and dogs were doing all kind of tricks, from dancing to the music, to the rich note of baritone to amazing hip-hops. We all were deeply enthralled.

‘In a sooner affair – the train again started picking up each pet and then it started to move throughout the tent-house just to leave at the end of the trail and then it vanished  in the tent.’ It was a whiter way to the end of the road. Then again ‘a different’ path led to their exit and with their exit came the net and the whole tent’s centre stage was filled with Trapeze’s. So it started all with the movement of the trapeze from one rod to another. There were several of them hopping and circling round and round the corner with several of them hopping from one rod to another rod in groups. And some others failing and falling on the nets attached below. Suddenly the two dwarfs appeared and pulled the pant of the jokers down. It was a tight affair but was turning out to be fun filled affair.

The two jokers aligned with their trapeze now were moving on the rods each several feet high. Some were jumping so the others were crossing the others on rod and after fun and amusement of half an hour they all started to fell on nets, one by one, like the apples from a tree. Free-fall under gravity, it was amusing to watch, and sooner they all were down on the nets. Each, after the fall, was vanishing from the exit attached outside. After some time – all of them were gone.

Next as there was a movement in the tent-house and a small man with the two jokers appeared with a stick in his end and with him an iron curtain downed on the centre-stage of the circus. Up came with them an inner curtain such that there now was only a single opening which existed. They all were standing when a passage opened and one after another lions started to make an entry into the centre stage, jokers standing with the ring-master suddenly ran for their life, it was fun to watch and audience were clapping too.

And then it happened, ring-master instructed, with his stick, to the lions coming out to sit on the arranged circles and it misfired. Someone in the public has pelted the lions with stones and it seemed, rest were inattentive, but one of them got angry and he, went after the direction of coming stone. It was quick as he shook the iron-cage heavily with his body and that gruesome roar. All the audience were clapping as they thought it was some kind of laughable trick. But the agony was soon realized when the other lions followed him. One of them took a jibe on joker and other went for the ring-master. It was quick and crowd realized it. The centre stage was filled with blood when the security reported and dart after dart were shot on the six lions.

Crowd was at its feet, and with chances of stampede to happen, which could have caused tremendous loss, as many could have been injured, leave about the infrastructure. It was controlled somehow but still the tent came down. We both brothers were perspiring and holding our grandfather tight, who too was still, and signalled us to stop talking. Roars! And Roars! The six lions and all alone darted by the gun and within ten minutes they all fell on the stage unconscious. It was half things done. The circus recovery team together with the local police and few volunteers were now helping the trapped people out.

We visualized blood-shed very close and it was very cruel to the young mind to see murder, accidentally though, in so quick time. But somehow the incident shaped the psyche of us. Our Grandpa was quick to realize the fear in our eyes. He was quick to address the same. It happens and he narrated his bravery and heroics when the country went to war with China. How he was involved? All about the blood-shed that happened and his heroic stature in them seemed like a saga.

It has been thirty years since the incident but still we remember the incident and every time we see ‘king lion’, we are filled with fear that it may pounce upon us like it did thirty years ago but then we remember our Grandpa’s words which gave us so much, much needed support, soothing and positive energy to come out of the trauma that we still fear but at the same time we remember that we will come out of it. The positive transformation, the gain of positivity that whenever we face constraints and situation becomes worse it is support and courage which helps us come out of it. We still carry the same with us in spirit and endeavour.


It was a ‘good-day’ and

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